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Account access has been available 24/7 since the mid 1990s via our Audio Teller @573-778-0190 or 800-341-1816. Available from any phone anywhere, your account information is at your fingertips.


Would you like to SEE your account information, not just hear it? Want to see a copy of a check that has cleared? If you have a smart phone, you can SEE check images and conduct your own transactions safely, securely and conveniently, 24/7. It's easy to get started.

Currently, you must already be enrolled in our online banking (FLEXTeller). (Online sign-up is coming SOON – stay tuned for that!) To enroll, click here,complete the application, and fax or mail to us (information is on the application).

Once you're enrolled, or if you're already enrolled, simply use your phone to go to this website, and sign in to your account on our home page. You will need your account number (or User ID) and password. When you sign in, our site will automatically detect the type of phone (or operating system) you are using and will format the page appropriately.

On your first sign-in, you may have to answer your authentication questions again (remember those pictures and secret questions?) and register the mobile device. The registration is good for one year and will only have to be repeated after 365 days.

An alternative method is available from within FLEXTeller. If you are signed in with your desktop or laptop computer, look for the tab or button at the top labeled "User Profile" or "User Preferences". Click on the tab and select the "Activate a Mobile Device" link. Follow the instructions to activate your phone manually. This method is a little more difficult and does not work with all phones. The first method is preferred.


If you're a FLEXteller user, one great service to activate is Text or E-mail alerts. It's FREE! You can set up alerts for any number of reasons:

  • Notify me when any deposit is made
  • Notify me when a certain check number clears
  • Notify me when my balance goes below $xx.xx (you fill in the amount!)

Notifications can be by e-mail or text message. Sign-up is within your account. To sign up, you must be signed in to online banking. Click on the "Manage e-Alerts" link at the top and follow the instructions.


Please note that the credit union does not charge for mobile or online access, but you may incur data charges with your wireless carrier, depending on your plan. The credit union is not responsible for your phone plan charges.

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